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Home - Easy Microbial Genomics: Tutorials, Codes and Bioinformatics Tools

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Easy Microbial Genomics: Tutorials, Codes and Bioinformatics Tools

What is Easy Microbial Genomics (EMG)?

Beginning on April 16, 2022, Easy Microbial Genomics (EMG) is a site to help users learn microbial genomics, practice coding skills, and run bioinformatics analysis.

What does EMG provide?

❤ All are free

EMG provides instructions of genomics analysis on next generation sequencing (NGS) data, such as 16S rRNA gene / ITS sequencing, whole genome sequencing (WGS) and metagenomic sequencing, in terms of concepts, basic ideas of the algorithms, program codes, tutorials for running the analysis, and explanation of the results.

It also teaches coding and provides my own pipelines and household scripts here for you to use.

In addition, there is a section Research Paper Highlights, posting review of high-impact papers in microbial genomics, to help you learn about scientific questions and stories. ❤ See the right pannel 👉

How are the learning materials organized?

For coding skills, I usually used example codes to demonstrate the principle and usage of the programming. For specific analysis, there may be sections of Basic Concepts, Idea of Algorithm, Running the Tools and Example Results

What kind of computer and OS should I use?

For most of the analysis, a personal computer (PC) is enough. Otherwise, you may need to use a high-performance computer (HPC). You are encouraged to use Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora etc.) or MacOS. For Windows 10 and 11 users, you can install Linux very conveniently as an app under Windows. Please follow the tutorial here to install it.

How can this site be used?

You can learn the microbial genomics concepts and use the tools here to do the analysis for your project. You can also use it for teaching if you are a lecturer of microbial genomics.

What is your motivation?

As a scientist growing from a beginner, I know how hard it could be to learn bioinformatics, which is a relatively young discipline. It is exhausting to gather scattered information from everywhere. To simplify this, I built a site where people can learn all (or most of) the fundamental knowledge and programming skills with well-organized and comprehensive materials, and acquire convenient household pipelines or published tools to run the analysis in a single place.

How can I contribute?

Please contact me about extra analysis you want me to add.